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A design firm that lightens your load.
Microstun’s definition of D-I-Y (dream-it-yourself) means you can spend more time on ideas instead of figuring out how to drag and drop text on a web template.
Our friends at Wix , Squarespace, et. al make amazing functional tools.
But if you’re a dreamer and not a designer, now what?
But if you’re a dreamer and not a designer, now what?

A subscription-based model that grows with you.
The web is a canvas. Microstun’s 15 years of design experience means our clients are only limited by their imagination. Bloggers, professionals, and startups can be anything without the limits of what is in your bank account.
The Microstun design and tech stack gives creators the means to tell their story through an interactive experience that is always optimized for the user’s context.

A new standard for web design.
What if you could launch a website in less time? And what if it was as easy to make your site responsive as it is to use WordPress?
That’s the idea behind Divi 4.0 design platform.
A premium theme that’s for entrepreneurs, creatives, and small businesses of every size. It’s a simple solution for anyone looking to start a website.

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Our Microstun pros would love to guide you through choosing a domain, masterfully maneuvering the website builder, or setting up cloud emails for maximum efficiency. Don’t be shy – ask us anything about getting started today!

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