If you enjoy neat and simple web design, these are the best minimalist website examples to look at.

These pages are simple to look thru and won’t keep you from finishing the meeting on time. And although some use animations, they blend in well with the clean design.

Here are some examples that will help you, whether you need inspiration to design a personal, commercial, or e-commerce website.

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Designs for Minimalist Websites That Never Failed to Astound Us

1. Lars Tornoe

The elements on Lars Tornoe’s home page have a hover effect. It is a tidy two-column grid portfolio. Also, each portfolio item links to the project page with more photographs and text when clicked.

Lars Tornoe doesn’t use a footer and instead uses a header with just a logo on the left and two links on the right. Only individual pages have a footer with links to more works.

Note: Remove the footer to simplify your website’s design.

2. Scott Snyder

On the home page, Scott Snyder has haphazardly arranged portfolio elements, each of which links to the project page, like Lars Tornoe. Moreover, some thumbnails are animated to provide some flair.

In order to increase social proof, Scott additionally incorporated a section for the clientele he works with and testimonials.

To increase trust, use testimonials and reviews on your website.

3. Wendy Ju

Wendy Ju added a basic but effective hero text animation to her minimalist website to increase engagement. The website contains simple navigation on the right and sticky sidebars on the left with social media and email connections.

Also, there are moving and static thumbnails in the eight-part portfolio area that link to pages with detailed presentations for each unique project.

Don’t forget to include animated text in the hero part, even if it just says “hi” in many tongues.

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4. Anthony Wiktor

The cool thing about Anthony Wiktor’s personal website is that it is initially light but quickly becomes gloomy as you go down.

The portfolio section of this simple website has a hover effect that changes the thumbnail while simultaneously “dimming” the entire page with various hues, which is something we also appreciate about it.

It should be noted that you can combine dark and light web design.

5. And Then Jupiter

Another example of a minimalist website that places a great emphasis on text is Jupiter. Like Mintboxx, the website also includes a great text effect above the fold that serves as a draw.

A great reading experience calls for both large and small text as well as lots of white space. The floating header of And Then Jupiter also features an unconventional menu icon that opens a full-screen overlay with the majority of this page’s animation.

Note: To make the website easier to scan through, use large fonts, make some of the material bold, and even use capitals.

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